“I don’t usually post recommendations but for Supersonic Phonic Friends I’ll make an exception. Phonics needs joy for it to truly ‘work’ – something that Anna Lucas has immersed the approach in!”

Greg Bottril EYFS Guru & Author of “Can I go and Play Now”

“Lots of posts in the webasphere this week about the new dfe guidance on early phonics . This programme has been developed by expert teachers not business gurus and covers all of the expectations and more for a synthetic phonics approach. Personally I love “listen with Len so you don’t need a pen”!!! Can’t recommend this approach enough (and I am not a big advocate of phonics in early years !).”

Kirstine Beeley EYFS Guru & Author Playing to Learn

“Supersonic Phonics is a highly engaging, systematic approach to the teaching of phonics that ensures consistency across school. Fully aligned with Letters and Sounds, It meets the core criteria for a successful phonics programme as set out by the Dfe. It also meets the demands of the revised Ofsted framework and advice from Bold Beginnings as to what constitutes effective EYFS practice. The children in school have been so eager to meet the characters that make key phonics skills come to life. Phonics is now the highlight of the school day and children are making good progress through an excellent core programme but also through the built in extension activities that keeps phonics alive across the school day. What a brilliant resource; we only wish it had been made sooner. With this in place, we know we will see rapid school improvement in this key area.”

Julie Whittaker Summerseat Primary School

“We have been using SSPF since it’s inception. It is a fantastically easy systematic phonics scheme which has been a pleasure to see as it is beginning to embed within our school community. Listening to the children talk about their favourite characters and supporting them in teaching to read. Anna has been fantastic in the support she has given to school through staff training and the delivery of remote phonics teaching during lockdown.”

Kevin Robinson Leigh St Peters

“We have had the pleasure of following the exciting creation of Supersonic Phonic Friends from the onset. I would highly recommend joining the free zoom sessions – you will be sold by the program and Anna’s presentation in seconds. Our year 2 children have been using it for a few weeks and they absolutely love the characters, the structure and the resources, as do the staff. We can’t wait to start rolling it out across school after the holidays.”

Kelly Thompson St Margaret’s Primary School

“This has had such a big impact for us as a school, the progress the children have made is truly remarkable. The characters are now fully embedded into our everyday provision, it brings fun and life back into phonics. Anna you have completely changed my teaching of phonics for the better!”

Charlotte Oddie Golborne Primary School

“I have been using this approach with my class since the autumn and they love all the characters. The children are making great progress despite lockdown and the resources were really useful for remote teaching. Anna’s training sessions are fun and informative and the programme has been a real light through this difficult year. I would highly recommend.”

Emma Brogan

“We have been using this now for the past few weeks from Reception upto KS2 children have really engaged with the characters and the planning and resources just makes life so much easier and it provides that consistent approach across the key stages. I would highly recommend this and the training and live lessons have been invaluable.”

Nicola Jenkins Lowerplace Primary School

“Supersonic Phonics Friends is the answer to anyone who teaches phonics and has been using the same resources and planning over and over again because there wasn’t anything else out there. Within a day of becoming an early adopter school and I shared my problem of a group of Y2s struggling with so many gaps in their phonic knowledge and just not knowing where to start with them. Anna had arranged a demo Zoom lesson with them, sorted out the planning and resources for me to use going forward and we are planning CPD sessions with staff after half term. Amazing! The member of staff with me on the Zoom demo said she had been totally inspired and felt excited again to teach phonics. I class Anna as my Phonics Guru going back in the day when I was in EYFS and I must have attended every training session she had going! I’m so excited to be on this journey with you Anna, I can’t recommend Supersonic Phonic Friends enough!”

Y1/DHT primary school in Leigh

“Well, what can I say…. other than, Anna Lucas is the queen of phonics!” Anna has supported our school since the start of this term and her advice, knowledge and guidance has been second to none. She has brought along he with her the fabulous Super Sonic Phonics and we are so excited by the lessons, content, characters and the beautifully illustrated resources”. Anna has covered everything from lesson plans, complete phonic resources, weekly news letters and parent workshops, as well as providing full teaching and learning support for our staff team. I can not recommend her and Super Sonic Phonics enough!

Terri Fletcher Leigh St Peters Primary School

“SSPF is amazing!!! It’s totally injected new life into our teaching and provides a consistently fun approach to phonics. The characters are adorable and the helpful phrases/actions ensure all children are actively part in their learning.”

Claire Harvey Oxford Grove Primary School

“I just wanted to say that although you haven’t made this round of validation we are absolutely loving Supersonic phonic friends and the impact it is having is truly phenomenal. We have absolutely no doubt that it will get through!
To give you an idea of the impact – my lowest child in my class (reception) had already gone through phase 2 and phonic interventions and still had 0% of phase two. Your training gave me the confidence to take children back to phase one and we introduced supersonic phonic friends. We aren’t yet fully through a recap of phase 2 (60% ish through) and he has 55% of sounds, this is learning 4 new sounds a week. He regularly tells me ‘I didn’t know reading and writing could be this much fun!’ The children are so engaged and regularly tell us that phonics is their favourite lesson. Our year one children have made amazing progress too and the ks2 intervention groups are flying!
We love the fact we have movement in every session and it allows creativity. We love that it keeps cognitive overload low and is based on research. We love that you can wrap the children in rhyme. The schools phonics teaching has never been so good! Your training was fantastic and we cannot wait to welcome you again soon. I am so excited to see the continued incredible progress and enjoyment of all the children around the school. Thank you!”

“I truly believe you have created something special! Honestly it’s true – I don’t often rave about things but I do with this!”

Anna-Marie Cheeseman – Acting Assistant Headteacher and Early years lead at The Wells, Tunbridge Wells.

“Just wanted to say, although you haven’t made the validation list this time around we have the upmost confidence in the programme. The feedback we’ve received from staff regarding the training you have provided has been phenomenal; the virtual sessions you have offered have been hugely enjoyable and beneficial for our children as well as a fantastic learning experience for our staff.
We love that the programme is based on the latest educational research on cognitive overload, memory and engagement and we believe that the approaches advocated in it will impact positively across other curriculum areas too.
After just three months of Supersonic Phonics and Friends, phonics is in a far stronger position than it has been during my 15 years leading English and we cannot wait to embed the programme further in Sept.”

Rachel Whittle, Deputy Head at St Margaret’s

From the moment we trialled Supersonic Phonic Friends, we have absolutely loved it. It has injected new life and joy into our phonics for both staff and the children. Anna and the team have been extremely helpful and nothing is too much trouble. We had our training over zoom during lockdown which was extremely informative and helpful. Anna delivered model sessions remotely to our children in school and at home. Since then, Supersonic Phonic Friends has had an impact on the reading and writing with our children. The helpful phrases are a god send. The children use them constantly to help them remember what to do. Our children are excited to learn phonics and it is their favourite subject because of the Supersonic friends. It has encouraged their independent writing as they want to write adventures with what the pals get up to. The resources are high -quality and easy to access. We can’t thank Anna and the SSPF’s team enough!

Holly Dodds, Clarendon Road Primary School Year 1 Teacher